Water Sound Images

The Creative Music of the Universe

Alexander Lauterwasser

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A book of stunning imagery showing the effects of sound in water.

220 x 248 mm
Macromedia Press
Philosophy of the Natural World
240 colour photographs
176 pages
Publication date:
22 Mar 2007


Inspired by the work of Ernst Chladni and Hans Jenny in cymatics, Alexander Lauterwasser has produced a book of stunning imagery showing the effects of sound in water.

In the eighteenth century, Chladni developed the technique of drawing a violin bow across a metal plate of sand and observing the patterns that formed. In this book, Lauterwasser extends the idea to more complex and moving sounds in water, ranging from pure sine waves to music by Beethoven, Stockhausen and overtone chanting. The results have been beautifully photographed and provide remarkable insights into natural patterns in our world.


'This extraordinary and beautiful book brings together two of the greatest unknowns of modern science: water and sound. Their interplay and interference conjures up forms of tortoises, flowers and jellyfish and suggests a universe based on beauty and harmony, vibration and tone ... A breathtaking work of neotraditional philosophy for the 21st century.'
-- John Martineau, author of A Book of Coincidence and editor of the Wooden Book series on Science and Nature

'Water Sound Images brings Dr Hans Jenny's Cymatics into the 21st century. Breathtaking images of sounds shaping water are supported by a text that encompasses both the scientific and spiritual ... A must-read and must-see for therapists working with sound, systems scientists, and those wanting to understand the relationship of sound to spirituality.'
-- John Beaulieu, author of Music and Sound in the Healing Arts and The Polarity Therapy Workbook

'Water Sound Images is a revelation, a giant leap for art, eye and ear. Never before has the energy of great music and sound been so accurately portrayed and with such stunning visual beauty, scholarliness, style and integrity. This is THE sound book of the decade!'
-- Don Campbell, author of The Harmony of Health and The Mozart Effect

'This book makes significant contributions to our understanding of the physics of chaos and of the potential of sound and music in medical treatment. This is a must-have book for scientists, sound healers and music therapists.'
-- Professor Barbara Crowe, Director of Music Therapy, Arizona State University

'A profuse, magical collection of colour photographs of water that has been irradiated with music East and West … almost every page has some form of illustration … Water Sound Images is both a scientifically based and a poetical, mythological and philosophical book. This is its great strength and sets it apart from so many books.'
-- James D'Angelo, Caduceus, Issue 71

'The images throughout are stunningly beautiful and arresting and the reader can readily see how the shapes relate to those of flowers and even shells. This book is essential reading for anyone interested in the relationship between science and sound.'
-- David Lorimer, Scientific and Medical Network Review, Spring 2007


Alexander Lauterwasser is a German researcher and photographer. He was born in Überlingen in 1951 and has worked with cymatics since 1993. He lectures widely and has staged live water-sound concerts and exhibitions.

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