Chill & Shiver

2 Books in 1

Alex Nye


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  • eBook exclusive - combined eBook of Chill and Shiver
  • Two spooky stories of ghosts, haunted houses, curses and family secrets
  • Chill is the winner of a Scottish Children's Book Award

Eerie footsteps, a scream in the night and a hidden staircase to nowhere: you won't want to read these two bone-chilling tales in the dark! Can the Morton children discover their family secret and lift the ghostly curse?

Floris Books
Age Range:
From 8 to 12 years
456 pages
Publication date:
13 Nov 2014


The Morton family are cursed and their home, old Dunadd House, is haunted by ghostly figures and whispers in the night.

Trapped by snow and ice in the remote Stirlingshire countryside, can the Morton children and their friend Samuel unravel the family's secrets and lift the ghostly curse. Or will they be doomed to repeat the past forever?

Chill was the winner of a Scottish Children's Book Award and Shiver is its bone-chilling sequel.


Praise for Chill:

'a tense confection of mystery, historical intrigue and adventure for 8-12 year olds. Young heroes Samuel and Fiona find they cannot ignore a call from the past to put things right.'
-- Sunday Herald


Alex Nye lives in Dunblane, and is a Fellow of the Royal Literary Fund at the University of Glasgow. She has held many residencies through the Scottish Book Trust, and is the author of several books for children and adults. Her children's novels Chill (which won a Scottish Children’s Book Award in 2007) and its sequel Shiver were inspired by living in a remote cottage on Sheriffmuir. When she is not writing, she enjoys walking her dog, swimming and exploring the Scottish countryside.

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