Bare Hand Knitting

Tool-Free Knitting at its Finest

Aleshanee Akin; Illustrated by Elizabeth Auer

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  • Learn to knit anywhere, whithout needles!
  • Includes clear step-by-step instructions for a range of hand knitting techniques, perfect for children

An inspiring book of hand knitting techniques and projects suitable for children.

280 x 216 mm
Waldorf Publications
Crafts & Activities; Waldorf Publications
530 b/w illustrations
176 pages
Publication date:
12 Aug 2019


Learn to knit anywhere, without needles!

Many children learn finger knitting in kindergarten, but what about later on? This inspiring book demonstrates a range of new hand knitting techniques suitable for school-age children.

In our mechanised world of less and less handwork, this is a wonderful skill for children to learn and take into adult life. The book includes step-by-step instructions for making beautiful clothing, scarves, hats, decoration and much more, without ever needing a needle!


Aleshanee Akin was born in San Francisco and grew up in California and Hawaii. As a child she attended a Waldorf school on Maui. This childhood experience sparked her lifelong interest in handwork and knitting with her hands.She has taught in Waldorf schools in Hawaii, California and New Hampshire.

Elizabeth Auer currently works as an adjunct faculty member at Antioch University New England and as a freelance artist. She teaches workshops in the arts and is a consultant to Waldorf teachers and teachers in other settings. She is the author and illustrator of Learning about the World through Drawing.

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