Bare Hand Crafting: Two Hands, No Needles!

Aleshanee Akin; Illustrated by Elizabeth Auer

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  • A guide to felting, crochet, embroidery and 3D knitting without the use of needles
  • Fully illustrated with clear descriptions of the techniques used to make projects fun and easy to follow
  • Suitable for older children and adults looking to develop their crafting skills

An inspiring how-to handbook of felting, crochet, 3D knitting and embroidery projects – all without using any needles!

280 x 216 mm
Waldorf Publications
Crafts & Activities; Waldorf Publications
b/w illustrations
196 pages
Publication date:
25 Feb 2022


Learn how to knit, sew and embroider without needles!

This book introduces the skills of felting, embroidery and crochet along with 3D knitting. Discover the technique of hands-only crafting and knitting with these fun projects and enjoy the therapeutic effects of handwork. This book will help readers create a range of crafts from a crocheted doll blanket, to a gnome hat and a shoulder bag. It also shares helpful information on nature-friendly dyeing, tunnel knitting and tapering.

With numerous illustrations plus clear descriptions of the techniques and codes for repeated techniques, the projects are suitable for adults and older children, as well as younger children with a little bit of adult help!


Aleshanee Akin was born in San Francisco and grew up in California and Hawaii, USA. As a child she attended a Waldorf school on Maui. This childhood experience sparked her lifelong interest in handwork and knitting with her hands. She has taught in Waldorf schools in Hawaii, California and New Hampshire, USA. She is the author of Bare Hand Knitting.

Elizabeth Auer works as an adjunct faculty member at Antioch University New England, USA and as a freelance artist. She teaches workshops in the arts and is a consultant to Waldorf teachers and teachers in other settings. She is the author and illustrator of Learning about the World through Drawing and Creative Pathways and the illustrator of Bare Hand Knitting and Learning About the World Through Modeling.

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