On Spiritual Unity

A Slavophile Reader

Edited by Aleksey Khomiakov and Ivan Kireevsky

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230 x 150 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Religion & Spirituality
368 pages
Publication date:
01 Jan 1999


This unique volume gathers together for the first time the religious and philosophical writings of the founders of Russian religious philosophy, Aleksei Khomiakov and Ivan Kireevsky. Both began their intellectual careers in the literary world during the 1820s. Khomiakov was for many years best known as a poet of the Pushkin school, while Kireevsky was well known as an original literary critic.

The texts collected here make available to Western readers two of Russia's great gifts to world thought: the philosophical concepts of sobornost (community, universality, wholeness, ecumenicity) and integral knowledge, which overcomes the subject/object dichotomy, making sobornost possible. Based on the primacy of the heart, the spiritual wholeness of the human being, and the cognitive will, integral knowing moves beyond rationality to union with the object of knowledge in knowing.

On Spiritual Unity provides not only a fascinating introduction to Russian religious philosophy, but more than that a profound, meditative text for anyone concerned with human and spiritual unity. Also included in this collection are two responses to Slavophile ideas by the prominent Russian philosophers Pavel Florensky and Nikolai Berdiaev.

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