Why the World Around You Isn't As It Appears

A Study of Owen Barfield

Albert Linderman

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  • Linderman investigates consciousness, the Enlightenment, scientific thinking, belief and the imagination, using Barfield as his starting point
  • This book is for anyone who wants to understand how knowledge works and be inspired to see the world in a new way

Explores the inner reality of objects, the nature of consciousness and the power of the imagination.

216 x 138 mm
Lindisfarne Books
Philosophy of Human Life
192 pages
Publication date:
18 Feb 2013


Using the insights of Owen Barfield (1898-1997) as his starting point, Linderman investigates the nature of consciousness, the Enlightenment, scientific thinking, belief, and the power of imagination.

He argues that we must learn to understand the inner reality of objects -- their subjectivity, feelings and the meanings we ascribe to them -- as well as their physical appearance.

This book is for anyone who wants to understand how knowledge works, and be inspired to a new way of seeing the world.


'Linderman demonstrates how consciousness evolves...helping me understand the development work we do at Sekem.'
-- Ibrahim Abouleish, Founder of Sekem and winner of the 2003 Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize), and the Nobel Laureate-led Oslo Business for Peace Award (2012)

'A deftly guided and joyful journey...truly to reexamine everything we know as well as how we came to know it.... Not just some clever thought experiment; it is a matter of our survival.'
-- Michael Metzler, Rochester Institute of Technology

'A practical guidance to remedy the malaise of a society devoid of wonder.'
--Emily Ann Roy

'Consider it a source for university courses in consciousness and culture, an excellent round-up of calls for "reconnecting mind and matter," or a lively tale of a man’s victorious slaying of the old enlightenment and his wise welcome to the new, but read this timely book.'
-- Gertrude Reif Hughes, Professor Emerita, Wesleyan University, Connecticut


Dr Albert Linderman contributes development expertise to the new Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development in Cairo, Egypt, is currently directing the Two Rivers Folk School in Minneapolis, and is CEO of Sagis Corporation. He currently lives in Minnesota.

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