Porridge the Tartan Cat Books 4 to 6

Loch Ness Mess, Unfair Funfair, Pet Show Show-Off

Alan Dapré; Illustrated by Yuliya Somina


Quick Look

  • Packed with hilarious twists and fun wordplay, all with a cat's-eye view of a zany Scottish family
  • Filled with 40 lively black & white illustrations of Porridge's adventures
  • New series for young readers that will have them laughing out loud - alongside their adults

A purrfect cat-alogue of feline adventures in this ebook-exclusive omnibus of books 4, 5 and 6 in the hilarious Porridge the Tartan Cat series.

Floris Books
Young Kelpies
150 black & white illustrations
Age Range:
From 7 to 10 years
456 pages
Publication date:
05 Jul 2018
Porridge the Tartan Cat


An ebook-exclusive omnibus of books 4, 5 and 6 in the hilarious Porridge the Tartan Cat series.

When Porridge was a wee kitten he toppled into a tin of tartan paint -- which is easy to do and not so easy to say.

Now he lives with the quirky McFun family who all have a secret or two. Porridge is always there to lend a helping paw when things go wrong. It's a good job Porridge has nine lives!

In book 4, Porridge and the twins, Isla and Ross, must help Dad, who has been turned into a dinosaur and mistaken for Nessie! Can they reverse his dino-isation?

In book 5, Porridge and the twins are in deep trouble when Fergus McFungus turns Ross into a ferocious beast to help him find the super-powerful sproutinium hidden under the unfair funfair. Stinky!

In book 6, Porridge and Isla are invisible! When pesky Auntie Hettie and her pampered pooch enter the perfect pet show, they will stop at nothing to WIN. But Porridge and Invisible Isla have different ideas.

With wacky twists, silly word play and meow-nificent illustrations in every chapter, readers won't even want to paws for breath.


Alan Dapré is the author of more than fifty books for children. He has also written over one hundred television scripts, transmitted home and abroad. His plays have been on BBC Radio 4 and published for use in schools worldwide.

Yuliya Somina is an award winning illustrator from Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow State Art College with a degree in fine arts and began her career in animation. Yuliya has illustrated many books including Michael Rosen's I Never Know How Poems Start and Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. She currently lives in Middlesex, England.

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