• Floris announce shortlist for Kelpies Prize 2013

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    Kelpies prize 2013 logo

    Every year as part of the Kelpies Prize, we look for the best unpublished children’s fiction with a Scottish twist. Since February, our editors have been working their way through a record number of entries to find our three finalists for this year’s prize – and they certainly weren’t disappointed. We’re delighted to announce...

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    Kelpies Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

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    Kelpies 10th Anniversary

    This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Kelpies imprint of Scottish children’s novels.  Floris took over the Kelpies list from fellow Scottish publisher Canongate in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2003 that we published our first original Kelpie, The Chaos Clock by Gill Arbuthnott. To celebrate this milestone we gathered our...

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    Floris Hits the Headlines

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    Floris Books article in The Herald newspaper

    We were thrilled to be featured in an article in The Herald newspaper following the announcement that we published all three books in the shortlist for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards 2013 Younger Readers category (8-11 years old). All the Floris team are proud of our three talented shortlisted authors Caroline Clough, Janis Mackay...

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    Children’s Creative Play

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    This practical book by Karin Neuschütz explores children’s developmental stages up to age seven, and suggests suitable toys, dolls, games and activities to nurture and develop them. In this extract, she introduces the ideas in the book, focusing on the importance of play for a child’s development and giving an overview of how children...

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    The Importance of Fairy Tales

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    Throughout literary history, one type of story has seen continued popularity – the fairy tale. Recent years have seen a wealth of TV and movie adaptations. So what accounts for this continued adoration? Why, over 200 years since they were alive, do the stories of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen remain a...

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    When Wine Tastes Best – Apple App

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    Can a bottle of wine really taste better on one day rather than the next just due to the movement of the moon? When does wine really taste best? The theory of tasting wine according to Maria Thun’s Original Biodynamic Sowing and Planting Calendar is not new to wine buyers and critics. For some...

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    Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life – Foreword by Tom Ravetz

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    This classic and influential book by Friedrich Rittelmeyer examines the key concepts of anthroposophy and tells the compelling story of Rittelmeyer’s encounter with Rudolf Steiner, his critical appraisal of Steiner’s ideas, and his gradual conviction. In the foreword, Tom Ravetz, introduces Friedrich Rittelmeyer and the book. Foreword There are encounters between human beings which have...

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