Peter in Blueberry Land

Elsa Beskow

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  • A delightful story about Peter's magical adventure with the playful blueberry and cranberry children
  • Features enchanting illustrations of woodland creatures Peter meets along the way from galloping mice to bounding squirrels and friendly spiders
  • Elsa Beskow's picture books, with charming stories and her signature illustrations, have been known and loved for over a century
  • This beautiful new edition of a classic Swedish picture book features hand-designed end papers, a cloth spine and luxury paper

Peter is searching for berries when a strange and magical adventure begins with the playful blueberry and cranberry children. A collectable new edition of one of Elsa Beskow’s best-loved classic picture books, which features a cloth spine.

234 x 294 mm
Floris Books
Elsa Beskow Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 4 to 6 years
32 pages
Publication date:
21 Apr 2022
2nd edition


Peter is searching for berries for his mother's birthday but he can't find a single one! Then a light tap on his shoe begins a strange and magical adventure steering bark boats, riding brown mice and swinging on spider webs with his new friends, the playful blueberry and cranberry children.

Peter in Blueberry Land is one of the best-known books from world-renowned Swedish author--illustrator Elsa Beskow.

This wonderful new edition faithfully reproduces Beskow's classic illustrations in a collectable picture book featuring a unique hand-crafted design, premium-quality paper, gold foil signature and a luxurious cloth spine. Create an Elsa Beskow library by collecting all of the gorgeous new editions.


'First published in Sweden in 1901, Peter in Blueberry Land still maintains its original appeal. This is an enchanting story, perfect for reading aloud before bedtime.'
-- Booktrusted

'When Peter cannot find any berries, the King of Blueberry Land shrinks him so he can go on an adventure: ferns like trees, spider web swings, giant bugs and slugs and a mouse ride through the forest. The children I have read this book to have loved this cheerful and exciting story. They have been fascinated at the thought of being made tiny for the day.'
-- Hilary Woolfe with Isaac (age 4), Education Otherwise


Elsa Beskow is a Floris Books featured author. Read all about this author's life and work on our dedicated author page.

Elsa Beskow (1874-1953) is the most popular children's author--illustrator in Sweden. Often described as Sweden's Beatrix Potter, Elsa Beskow's picture books have been known and loved for over a century. Her charming stories of children and magical folk, accompanied by her signature illustrations, are known and cherished the world over.



Find out more about Elsa Beskow and her world on our Elsa Beskow Biography and Book Information page. Includes a complete book list.

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