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Floris Books' new and expanding list of business and economics titles explore a variety of alternative approaches to the subject. Building on ideas from thinkers and philosophers such as Rudolf Steiner, or suggesting new, more sustainable business practices, our alternative business list offers a new way of looking at society and the economy.

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New Releases

Jos van der Brug, Finding Work-Life Balance cover image

Finding Work-Life Balance: Achieving Fulfilment at Every Stage of Life

Jos van der Brug

This readable little book argues that, at different stages of life, we approach work with varying levels of drive, energy and perspective. It gives us insight into the highs and lows we can expect at different ages -- both in ourselves and our colleagues and, perhaps most fascinating, in our employers and employees.

Giles Hutchins, Illusion of Separation cover image

The Illusion of Separation: Exploring the Cause of our Current Crises

Giles Hutchins

This insightful book argues that the source of our current social, economic and environmental issues springs from our illusion that everything in the world is separate. Hutchins argues that, in reality, everything is connected in a fluid, dynamic way. 'Separateness' is an illusion we have created – and is fast becoming a dangerous delusion infecting how we relate to business, politics, and other key areas of our daily reality.

Rudolf Isler, Sustainable Society cover image

Sustainable Society: Making Business, Government and Money Work Again

Rudolf Isler

A radical approach to restructuring society, inspired by thinkers including Rudolf Steiner, which explores viable alternatives to the current situation. Steiner proposed a threefold social structure which Isler teases out, exploring the implications of this approach for our modern societies. He finds a surprisingly practical system with potential for immediate implementation in small steps, along with longer-term rethinking.

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