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The Kelpies Prize is an annual prize for new Scottish writing for children run by publisher Floris Books.

Here you will find information for press and media.

Kelpies Prize 2017

We are thrilled to announce Emily Ilett as the winner of the Kelpies Prize 2017.

Kelpies Prize 2017 Winner Press Release (24 August 2017, PDF, 326KB)

History of the Kelpies imprint

The Kelpies imprint boasts such well-known Scottish children's authors as Kathleen Fidler and Mollie Hunter. Since Floris Books acquired the list in 2001, we have reissued over twenty-five books under the Young Kelpies (for 6-9 year olds) and Kelpies (for 8-12 year olds) imprint, including Lavinia Derwent's Sula series, Mollie Hunter's A Stranger Came Ashore and Kathleen Fidler's The Desperate Journey.

Since 2003, Floris Books has also published many brand new books in the Kelpies series. For a full list, go to the Kelpies list page on the main Floris Books website. We also have a child-friendly website Discover Kelpies which features news, author interviews, fun stuff and competitions!

Kelpies Prize Press Archive

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