Toby and the Flood

Rebecca Price

Out of print

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Toby's bed is always wet. Then one night, he finds himself in a flooded valley where a village needs his help. This delightful story about bedwetting will be loved by young children and parents alike.

254 x 210 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 3 to 6 years
32 pages
Publication date:
27 Mar 2008


Toby is in trouble. His bed is always wet. But one night, Toby and his friend, Mr Beaver, find themselves in a flooded valley. Can they help before the village is washed away?

Beautiful illustrations and an engaging story combine in a delightful book that children will love, and which will help young children to understand and overcome bedwetting in a stress-free and enjoyable way. Parents will seize on this in relief, as finally a book exists to deal with a common, yet distressing, childhood situation.

"If he’s used to hearing stories you make up, they can include symbolic representations of bedwetting, such as a flooded brook or overflowing spring that people have to control with a little boy’s help."
-- How to help a child who is wetting the bed, from A Guide to Child Health by Michaela Glöckler & Wolfgang Goebel


'This is a delightful paperback picture book that deals with a delicate topic in a sensitive way, with lively, humorous illustrations and an engaging story.'
-- The Green Parent

'A sensitively drawn and told story which doesn’t overlook the unhappiness that bedwetting can cause but would give any child reassurance that he too can unlock the secret of a dry night.'
-- Juno Magazine, Autumn 2008

'If you or your child are exasperated by bedwetting, this illustrated children's book may provide you with some comfort. As a child bed-wetter myself, I can relate to Toby's dream. What I didn't have was a friend to tell me that all I had to do was 'wake up'. Lucky Toby!'
-- The Mother Magazine, March/April 2008

'One of the first books to deal with the issue of bedwetting, within an accessible adventure story.'
-- ABC Magazine, Summer 2008


Rebecca Price was born in London in 1966. She studied painting at the Slade School of Fine Art, and animation at the Central St Martin's Institute. Her paintings have been widely exhibited in the UK, Europe and the USA. She lives in Esher, Surrey. Toby and the Flood is her first book for children.

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