The Human Soul

Karl König

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A detailed study of the human psyche, of pain, emotions, moods, the senses, consciousness and dreams.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Philosophy of Human Life; Karl K├Ânig Archive
160 pages
Publication date:
24 Aug 2006


The nature of the human 'soul' is difficult to describe or quantify, but it is nonetheless something which we know exists in the depths of our being.

In this classic work, Karl König considers the different characteristics of the soul. He looks at pain, anxiety, fear, shame and anger, and he distinguishes four stages of consciousness: normal day-consciousness, dreaming, sleeping and deep sleep.

This book is a fascinating exploration into the mysteries and complexities of the soul, and a detailed study of the human psyche, of emotions, moods, the senses, consciousness and dreams. Written in the early 1960s, it is as refreshing today as when first published.


Karl König (1902-66) was well-known as a physician, author and lecturer. He began his work at the Institute of Embryology at the University of Vienna.
In 1940 he founded the Camphill Movement in Scotland. Based on the educational ideas of Rudolf Steiner, the special education schools for children and villages for adults with special needs are now established all over Britain and Europe, North America and Southern Africa

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