The Mystery of Substance from Genesis to Revelation

Hermann Beckh; Translated by Alan Stott and

Not yet published - due 01 Jan 2020

Quick Look

  • A comprehensive overview of the history of alchemy, drawing on European and Eastern sources and traditions
  • Explores substance and matter from creation to the precious stones of the New Jerusalem
  • The first time Beckh's work has been translated into English

Beckh weaves Christian spirituality, biblical scholarship and eastern insights into this new perspective on the substances that underpin alchemy.

Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
176 pages
Publication date:
01 Jan 2020


The alchemical tradition of understanding and working with substances to perfect or purify them is given a new perspective in this fascinating history.

Beckh draws on his extensive knowledge of eastern religion, weaving it into Christian spirituality to present a unique overview of alchemy. The beginning and the end of the Bible are grounded in visionary pictures which draw out the nature and meaning of substance. In a great sweep from the primal matter of creation, to the precious stones of the New Jerusalem, Beckh explores the essence of substance.

This is the first time that Hermann Beckh's work has been translated into English, making his ideas and insights accessible to a new readership.


Hermann Beckh (1875-1937) was a brilliant scholar and professor of Oriental Studies at the University of Berlin, writing on Buddhism, Indology and the development of language. In 1911, he heard a lecture by Rudolf Steiner and joined the Anthroposophical Society, going on to become one of the founding priests of The Christian Community. He wrote extensively on religious and philosophical topics in German, but his work is only now starting to become available in English.

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