What Do Elephants Do?

Hazel Lincoln

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Esme the baby elephant discovers just what elephants do do to drink, keep cool, eat and find their way through the long grass.

255 x 210 mm
Floris Books
Picture Books
colour illustrations
Age Range:
From 3 to 6 years
32 pages
Publication date:
23 Mar 2006


Esme the baby elephant is taking her first wobbly steps when her trunk trips her up. What is this strange thing for?

Esme watches other African animals around her as they drink, keep cool, cross the river, wallow in mud, move through the tall grass and eat juicy leaves. She wonders, if that's how they do it, what do elephants do?

Little by little, Esme learns what a useful thing a trunk is.

Stunning watercolour illustrations show off the African landscape to its full effect in this charming picture book from the illustrator of Little Snow Bear.


'A delightful tale about animal adaptations, being comfortable in the skin you're in and learning how your body works....Lincoln's illustrations are rich in color and realism, accurately portraying each animal in a myriad of different poses. An especially great resource for diverse classrooms that include special-needs children.'
-- Kirkus Reviews

'Lincoln has created a simple tale that will be readily welcomed at storytimes. The illustrations are created in soothing pastel tones, and the protagonist's face is full of character and expression. Lincoln's charming drawings bring life to the African plain. Children will enjoy listening to this story and will identify with Little Elephant's delight in his newfound talents.'
-- School Library Journal

'This attractive book is about creatures great and small, older and younger...A simple but pleasing book and the African landscape is faithfully rendered in the colouring: spring-time greens and the blazing red of sundown stand out'
--Dorothy Atkinson, School Librarian Journal, Autumn 2006

'A lavishly illustrated story. It has a simple yet clever framework as Esme learns just what is that elephants do and the importance of her trunk. Here is a beautifully-consistent picture book.'
-- Jake Hope, Achuka.co.uk

'Bright, colourful illustrations; this is a cheerful, sunny story for children who love the animal world.'
-- Hilary with Isaac (age 6), Education Otherwise, June 2006


Hazel Lincoln began her career in illustration as an apprentice in a greetings card studio. She now works from her home in Leicestershire as a professional illustrator and is the mother of three children. She is the author of Little Snow Bear (Floris Books, 2004).


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