A Christian Perspective

Friedrich Rittelmeyer; Translated by M. L. Mitchell

Not yet published - due 18 Jan 2018

Quick Look

  • One of the few books to explore and endorse reincarnation from a Christian point of view
  • An engaging read in which Rittelmeyer visibly struggles to find a path to acceptance of reincarnation, and finally succeeds
  • Draws on the work and inspiration of Rudolf Steiner

Explores reincarnation from a Christian point of view, bringing a sense of joy and freedom to a challenging subject.

216 x 138 mm
Floris Books
Religion & Spirituality
128 pages
Publication date:
18 Jan 2018
3rd edition


Reincarnation -- by which human beings return to live on earth -- is a concept most often associated with eastern philosophies rather than Christianity. In this fascinating book, Friedrich Rittelmeyer explores reincarnation from a Christian point of view, arguing that it has a place in modern Christian thought.

Reincarnation can sometimes be exploited to justify daydreams or imaginary past glories, or can harden into a legalistic reckonining of vice and virtue. Rittelmeyer's approach is different: joyous, essentially Christian, and full of a sense of freedom as he struggles to find a path through the pitfalls on the way to a Christ-filled acceptance of reincarnation.

Drawing on the work and inspiration of Rudolf Steiner, Rittelmeyer was able to encounter the cosmic truth of reincarnation and, wrestling with human doubt on every level, courageously grounds it in human reality.


Friedrich Rittelmeyer (1872-1938) was a leading figure in the Lutheran Church which he left in 1922 to found and lead The Christian Community.

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