Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Kittycat Kidnap

Alan Dapré; Illustrated by Yuliya Somina

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  • Packed with hilarious twists and fun wordplay, all with a cat's-eye view of a zany Scottish family
  • Filled with 40 lively black & white illustrations of Porridge's adventures
  • New series for young readers that will have them laughing out loud - alongside their adults

Porridge the Tartan Cat (it's a long story involving a tin of tartan paint!) has been cat-napped! But the twins, Isla and Ross, are busy trying to unshrink Mini Mum after an accident with super-short shortbread. Who will save Porridge from Moggiarty?

197 x 158 mm
Floris Books
Young Kelpies
40 b/w illustrations
Age Range:
From 7 to 10 years
152 pages
Publication date:
18 May 2017
Young Kelpies


When Porridge was a wee kitten he toppled into a tin of tartan paint -- which is easy to do and not so easy to say.

Now he lives by Loch Loch with the quirky McFun family: Gadget Grandad, Groovy Gran, Dino Dad, Mini Mum and the twins, Roaring Ross and Invisible Isla. Everyone has a super secret -- or two-- and Porridge is always there to lend a helping paw when things go awry. If there's a fishy biscuit in it for him...

And things do often go awry in the McFun family. It's a good job Porridge has nine lives!


Porridge the Tartan Cat (it's a long story involving a tin of tartan paint!) has been cat-napped! But nobody has noticed! The twins, Isla and Ross, are too busy trying to help their super-scientist mum who has accidentally shrunk herself with some super-short shortbread.

Will the twins be able to unshrink Mini Mum? Can they rescue Porridge from a pet shop infested with crocodiles, dung beetles and his arch-enemy Moggiarty?


In this zany new series for young readers, Porridge purrfectly CAT-a-logs the family's hilarious adventures from a cat's-eye perspective. With wacky twists, silly word play and meow-nificent illustrations in every chapter, readers won't even want to paws for breath.


'This is a crazy, fast paced, funny and action packed story which once I started to read whizzed through and thoroughly enjoyed. Itís a bit bonkers, in a good way, bounding with energy and lots of silly happenings that young children who love the absurd will adore [...] Porridge the Tartan Cat is packed full of brilliant illustrations by Yuliya [Somina]. They are fun and dynamic really supporting the text brilliantly. For younger children still developing their reading skills, the illustrations are great in breaking up the text, but also giving them some guide as to the content of the book. Not only that, but they're just brilliantly entertaining! They make the book a pleasure to read, add another dimension. Alan has done a great job of creating the characters visually in his story. The writing is where these books really stand out. It's actually a rather unique style which I havenít come across before, and one that must have taken a huge amount of work to perfect. The writing includes alliteration, puns, onomatopoeia and lots of general word play. It makes for exciting and fun reading and is a great way to introduce play on words to children, the perfect opening for discussion on words and language. It's really nicely done, and something I think would go down particularly well in schools for the more advanced readers, who can start to look at word play and explore this further. It would be a very effective book to use in school to aid creative writing also. Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Kittycat Kidnap, is, to sum up, a fantastically frantic and fun feline filled and frenetic tale of one adorable tartan cat and his family.'
-- BookMonsters


Alan Dapré is the author of more than fifty books for children. He has also written over one hundred television scripts, transmitted in the UK and around the world. His plays have been on BBC Radio 4 and published for use in schools worldwide.

Yuliya Somina is an award winning illustrator from Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow State Art College with a degree in fine arts and began her career in animation. Yuliya has illustrated many books including Michael Rosen's I Never Know How Poems Start and Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. She currently lives in Middlesex, England.


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