• How to make Swedish Snowflake Christmas baubles

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    snowflakeLooking for a little Christmas inspiration? Here at Floris we’ve obsessed with all things Scandinavian at this time of year – decorations, gifts and festive stories – so we’d like to share one of our favourite Christmas crafts from A Swedish Christmas.

    These beautiful Swedish snowflake ornaments, which are made out of icing (yes, really!), are simple to make and will look stunning  on any Christmas tree.

    Materials (makes 10)

    • Egg white
    • A few drops of vinegar
    • 250-300g icing sugar
    • Castor sugaricing ornaments
    • Ribbon
    • Greaseproof paper or piping bag

    1. Mix the egg white, vinegar and icing sugar together with a spoon. The icing should not be too runny or too thick.
    2. Make a cornet out of greaseproof paper and secure with a pin so that it doesn’t unravel. Fill the cornet with icing and cut of the tip. (Or if you have one, you can use a piping bag.)
    3. Sprinkle an even layer of castor sugar onto a baking tray. Pipe the icing in the shape of a star onto the castor sugar. Leave to dry for a day.
    4. The ornaments are very fragile so be careful when attaching the ribbon and hanging them up!

    WendtSwedishChristmas-3dA Swedish Christmas is packed with Scandinavian inspiration to make your festive season special; from knitted baubles and gingerbread place settings to homemade advent calendars and Jack Frost fruit. Order your copy today and get crafting!

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